It’s not about what we do

It’s about who we are and the stories we share

Over the last 10 years we’ve made a name for ourselves by sharing our stories. We seek to inspire, motivate, and excite others about life. Since no one has all the answers, we believe that our work is a process of learning and sharing. Everything we do evolves with the experiences that we share as we continue to learn from one another.


  • Mental Health

  • Faith

  • Equity and Diversity

  • Health & Fitness

  • Conflict Management

  • LGBTQ+

  • Black History

  • Relationships

  • Transition Years

  • Parenting


Mikey Mic

Michael Masci

Michael Masci aka "Mikey Mic" is and has been actively involved in Student Development from a very young age. By the age of 15 he was a nationally-ranked debater and was President of a Government-recognized Provincial Student Organization where he was given the opportunity to further develop and practice his leadership skills. Schooled in Social Work & Child Youth Work, he currently enjoys being a professional DJ/MC, Youth Minister, occasional comedian, and life coach. Most importantly, he is a friend, a brother, an uncle, and a harmless stranger who loves to meet new people and share laughs, stories, and experiences.


Just B

Justin Bacchus

Justin is a generous and positive performer who is often invited to perform at a wide array of events throughout Ontario. Through his work as a performance clinician with the Toronto Public and Catholic School Boards as well as the Prince Edward Country Jazz Festival, and his work as a motivational speaker with Positive Gear, Justin is able to connect with a younger generation of leaders, and artists alike.



Stefan Ntansah

Born and raised in Scarborough, Stefan craved all things social. Joining multiple clubs in elementary & high school he discovered his niche in Leadership. Numerous camps, conferences and friendships later he found himself as a member of the Positive Gear team. As a public servant, he serves some of the GTAs most vulnerable. Stefan’s charismatic energy allows him to connect with individuals young… and with those a little more experience.


Benn Benn

Adam Benn

Adam is an experienced facilitator and educator, with over ten years of experience in healthcare, and has had the privilege of working in non-profits in a number of communities across Toronto. This experience, coupled with an academic background, has focused on engaging individuals to support their learning and growth, all while bringing a fresh, healthy approach.



James Costa

James has worked in youth leadership for over 10 years helping audiences grow through facilitating high-energy activities and sharing personal experiences.

Through his work with charities, technology companies, and as a parent, he looks to leave a legacy in the people he inspires and the things they achieve.

James’ story shares a unique perspective on life, the choices we make, and who they make us.